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Corporate social responsibility


05/06/2020 12:17
Integrity is at the heart of ICS.
The trust we inspire in our clients and interested parties is the key to our success as an organization and as individuals. Free, objective, and complete information about our clients and interested parties has always been the basic motive of our work. Our team grew and developed, we went through difficult but also successful moments, and during all that time we received the greatest support because you are the ones who recognize the values we deal with every day. ICS is a socially responsible enterprise that approves donations and sponsorships for various legitimate purposes, ensuring that we do not violate any principle of impartiality or potential conflict of interest. Our donations and sponsorships are a small part of our contribution to the better future of Society as a whole. The success of ICS rests on the trust it earns from customers, employees, and the community in which it conducts its independent management system certification business daily.

We volunteer at the Home for the Elderly;
With handrail painting and donations, we contributed to the Home for the Elderly and Weakened!

Donations of the Week project (2019);
In 2019, we donated to four non-profit associations and organizations whose activities strongly support the development of children with special needs!

We support the drug abuse prevention project (2019);


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