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the term "accreditation"....

Third-party assessment, which refers to the conformity assessment body, and which provides formal proof of its competence to perform certain conformity assessment tasks!

Accreditation is a word that is often associated with certification houses and many will claim that they are "accredited", but what exactly does this mean in the world of management system certification? Accreditation refers to the very process of recognition and confirmation of the quality of the certification body (that's us, ICS) and the specific activities we carry out in third-party certification (that's you, our clients) by an independent body. Accreditation is a procedure by which an accreditation body evaluates a certain institution and confirms that it is professionally and technically qualified to work by internationally accepted rules. To be able to prove this, there is a special norm that we use in our work and which proves that the same rules of quality and process approach, risk monitoring, and continuous improvement apply in our business. The ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 standard was created exclusively for certification bodies, and according to it, the accreditation body checks whether we have met all the requirements of that standard. The accreditation procedure is carried out for certain standards that the certification body wants to verify (eg ISO 9001 or ISO 14001) and for certain areas (eg food, services, production).

More details about our accreditation, as well as the name of our Institute, can be found on the list of accredited bodies in the Republic of Croatia, and the same can be found in the e-Register of accredited bodies, which is publicly available on the HAA website www.akreditacija.hr (under number 4610) and it contains all relevant information about our accreditation (eg EA and Nace Code for which we are approved, date of validity of the Accreditation, Norms for which we are accredited, etc.).

For more information, feel free to contact us at + 387 33 831 550. century the most valuable capital.
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After several years of successful work, ICS Sarajevo finally officially became an "IQNET Associated Member" of the most respected and well-known international association of certification bodies from the most developed countries of the world - IQNet (The International Certification Network) on June 12, 2021. With this, ICS has confirmed its complete competence and high professional reputation, as well as its commitment to respect the rules of work and conduct of renowned global certification bodies. This opens up the opportunity for all our clients to simultaneously obtain ICS and IQNet certificates, which have a high reputation and credibility around the world.

The goals of IQNet are to promote the international recognition of certificates issued for management systems by IQNet members and their recognition as equivalent, regardless of the IQNet member that issued the certification certificate. In addition, the goal of IQNet is based on the recognition of specific needs to offer clients innovative certification systems, such as, for example, the certification of socially responsible business according to the IQNet scheme SR 10, which is based on the requirements of the ISO 26000 norm, and according to whose requirements the certification is not carried out. IQNet members have so far certified more than 300,000 organizations in about 150 countries around the world. IQNet has issued over 30% of the total number of issued certificates for management systems in the world, and more detailed information about IQNet can be found on the website: www.iqnet-certification.com

ICS information is now available on the IQNET website:


The certification bodies operating within IQNet have a total of about 40 different accreditations, and IQNet representatives as representatives of interested parties participate in the work of international organizations in the field of management systems such as IAF, EA, ISO/CASCO, CIES, GFSI, etc.

Mutual recognition of issued certificates as equivalent is based on periodic mutual evaluations of IQNet members, which are carried out according to international and generally accepted norms and normative documents. Also, the training of the auditors of the certification bodies that are part of IQNet is carried out to ensure a harmonized and coordinated implementation of audits within the IQNet group. Organizations that are certified by certification bodies from the IQNet group, in addition to the certificate of the respective certification body, receive a certificate and the certification symbol of IQNet.
ICS has become an authorized partner with PECB (Professional Evaluation and Certification Board) for the implementation of IAS-accredited seminars. We conduct training online, in-house, and in our classrooms depending on the wishes and needs of clients. Based on an exclusive partnership agreement with the leading global training provider in the field of ISO standardization, PECB, we also offer the possibility of education through an authorized partnership according to the PECB program. You can find out more about PECB at www.pecb.com.
We offer you our service based on our knowledge and experience gained in over 750 successfully conducted seminars in the country and abroad. Our services enable clients to increase their competitiveness and improve their business processes and the certification of Management Systems that provide added value. As a global provider of training and certification services, ICS in collaboration with PECB can offer its expertise in multiple areas.
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